Question: Do you accept online submissions to the Pinch Literary Journal?
Answer: Yes. We only accept online submissions. Please see our Submission Guidelines for more details.

Question: Do you accept submissions via email?
Answer: No.

Please send your work electronically, through our page on Submittable. Read more about how to send us your work on our Submission Guidelines page, and please note that we are a production of the University of Memphis and therefore unable to accept email submissions for legal reasons beyond our control. For more information about us or literary events in Memphis, follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -- please say hi!). Read about the MFA program at the University of Memphis and the English Department on our school's website. 

Question: How does the Pinch work? What is a “pinchy” story, essay, or poem?
Answer: We encourage all potential contributors review a recent copy of The Pinch before submitting their work to us. Our editors generally favor strong voices, well-written prose and poetry, and engaging art. We are especially fond of beautiful, muscular work with strong emotional threads and want to read essays, stories, and poems that move, provoke, or engage editors and readers.  

Question: How should I format my submission?
Answer: All submissions must be typed with 1″ margins and in Times New Roman 12 pt font or similar. We ask that you include page numbers. Prose writers - please help us keep our eyesight and double-space your submissions!

Question: How do I know if my submission is still under consideration?
Answer: For regular submissions, we will notify you of acceptance via email or use your SASE to send a rejection. Please wait at least three months to inquire about the status of your submission. We pride ourselves on the fact that each submission gets attention from four to six editors before a decision is made—but thoroughness takes time.

Question: Can I send in multiple submissions?
Answer: For flash entries, you may send up to three pieces in one reading period. For regular prose entries, please wait until we have responded to your first submission before sending another. With poetry, you may send up to five poems at once.

Question: Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
Answer: Yes, of course! We welcome simultaneous submissions and applaud your ambitions. Please indicate simultaneous submissions in a brief cover letter. 

Question: I moved and didn’t send you my new address. Why didn’t I receive my issue?
Answer: If we are not informed of your new address, we are not responsible for issues that are returned to us or that are not forwarded to your new address. We don’t have the funds to cover these losses. Please inform us of any address changes immediately.

Question: Does The Pinch do theme issues?
Answer: Nope.

Question: I can’t recognize a comma splice to save my life: Will grammar and spelling mistakes hurt my submission?
Answer: Yes–if it’s disrupting our reading of your submission. We might not fault you for one tiny comma splice (especially if it’s clearly a stylistic choice), but if we can’t understand your writing, we can’t properly critique it.

Question: Can I submit even if I’ve never been published before?
Answer: Yes, please!  We strive to find new, exciting voices.

Question: I read this great book that I think your staff will love! Can I send you a review to print?
Answer: We love a good book recommendation, but The Pinch does not publish book reviews in its print issues at this time; you may submit literary reviews, art reviews  and craft essays to be considered for our Online Features category. 

Question: Would you be interested in publishing my interview with a fabulous, famous author?
Answer: Currently, all interviews are done by The Pinch staff.  The majority of these interviews take place as a part of the River City Writers Series held by the MFA program at the University of Memphis. If you have a great author interview in your portfolio that has never been published anywhere else, however, please consider submitting it to us via The Pinch's Online Features portal on Submittable.

Question: If I am published in The Pinch, how long before I can submit again?
Answer: We ask that you wait for at least one year before submitting again.

Question: So, you rejected my submission. Can you give me notes on my story or let me know how to make my poem better?
Answer: We wish we could! If only we had the time. Our editors regret that due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to offer you notes on your piece.

Question: So, you rejected my submission. Was it close to what you publish?
Answer: Maybe. Check out a copy of The Pinch to see the kind and quality of work we publish.

Question: I still have questions, what should I do?
Answer: Send that bad boy to, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!