Spring 2014 (34.1)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 34.1 we’ve got a lineup of fiction from Mary-Kim Arnold, Claire Harlan Orsi, Christine Friedlander, K vish, Anne Doten and Nick Kocz.

Creative nonfiction in this issue comes from Alicia Catt, Rebecca Huntman, Jill Talbot, Kathleen Blackburn and Melissa Ferrone.

We’ve got poetry for you from John McCarthy, Mark Wagenaar, Carleen Tibbetts, Eric Anderson, Kat Finch, Shivani Mehta, Rick Bursky, Molly Beckwith, Abraham Smith, Lena Moses-Schmitt, Lucy Biederman, Mikko Harvey, Ryan Bollenbach, Catherine Bresner, Chloe Anne Campbell, Kim Stoll, Opal C. McCarthy, Leia Darwish, Suzi F. Garcia, Julie Henson, Alan Michael Parker, Emily Bludworth De Barrios, Colleen Barry, Anders Carlson-Wee, Charlie Clark, Priya Keefe, Lauren Clark, Paul Beilstein, Tarfia Faizullah, Katie Willingham and Carrie Green.

We’re thrilled to feature the winners of the 2013 Pinch Literary Awards, judged by Roxane Gay, Mark Jarman and Abigail Thomas. Winning pieces appearing in this issue are by Molly Beer (creative nonfiction), John Haggerty (fiction) and Ann Vermel (poetry).

Visual art comes from Fabian Bürgy, Hyunyoung Kim, Maurizio Bongiovanni, Mary Jo Karimnia, Keiko Gonzalez, Kieran Brent and Anja Niemi.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor: Christopher Moyer
Assistant Managing Editor: Ruth Baumann
Senior Fiction Editor: Matthew Krajniak
Fiction Editor: Dallas Allen
Senior Faculty Poetry Editor: Kathy Lou Schultz
Senior Poetry Editor at Large: Justin Luzader
Senior Non-Fiction Editor: Mariah Chitouras
Non-Fiction Editor: Matthew Helms
Art Editor: Jonathan May
Founder:  William Page