Fall 2013 (33.2)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 33.2, we’ve got fiction from Joseph Rein, Jaclyn Dwyer, Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, Amanda Leahy, David James Poissant and Tessa Mellas.

We’ve got creative nonfiction from Marcia Aldrich, Kristen Radtke, Steve Adams, Sonya Huber and Aubrey Hirsch.

Poetry contributors for this issue are Allison Seay, Sharon Wang, Jen Edwards, Avni Vyas & Anne Barngrover, Cindy Beebe, James Tadd Adcox, JD Scott, Doug Fuller, C Dylan Bassett, Kelly Forsythe, Felicia Zamora, Sandra Meek, Erin Dorney, Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert, Nathan Parker, Janet Bowdan, Anne Champion, Emily Sketch Haines, Lee Sharkey, Norman Dubie, Kim Lozano, Gordon Osing, Chris Emslie,  Wendy Xu, Carl Phillips and Kwame Dawes.

We’ve got an amazing interview with Mary Leader, author of three books of poems: Red Signature, The Penultimate Suitor and Beyond the Fire. A fourth book is due out from Shearsman in 2014.

This issue also features a review by Laura Woodrum of Jo Sarzotti’s debut poetry collection, Mother Desert.

Visual art is from Petrina Hicks, Ambera Wellman, Till Rabus, Pietro Spirito, Beili Liu, Julia Randall, Alejandro Guijarro and Ivan De Monbrison.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor: Justin Luzader
Assistant Managing Editor: Chris Moyer
Senior Fiction Editor: Sarah Slack
Fiction Editor: Matthew Krajniak
Senior Poetry Editor: Ruth Baumann
Poetry Editor: Laura Woodrum
Senior Non-Fiction Editor: Mariah Chitouras
Non-Fiction Editor: Christine Kavelaras-Powers
Art Editor: Jonathan May
Contest Coordinator: Mariah Chitouras
Founder:  William Page