Spring 2013 (33.1)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 33.1, we’ve got an interview with Randall Kenan, author of Only The Dead Know Chapel Hill, Let the Dead Bury Their Dead, and A Visitation of Spirits, among others.

Our fiction offerings include work by Darren Morris, D.J. Thielke, Lindsey Drager, Dylan Brie Ducey, and Devin Murphy.

We’ve also got creative nonfiction from Marilyn Abildskov, Andrew Johnson, Rachel Riederer, Joey Franklin, and Jillian Weiss.

For poetry, we’ve got a stellar, varied cast: Glenn Shaheen, Michael Martin Shea, Portia Elan, Alec Hershman, Audrey Walls, David Scronce, Lori Mosley, Michael Marberry, Elizabeth Bohnhorst, Cory Hutchinson-Reuss, Rachael Lyon, Mary Ann Samyn, Angie Macri, Kevin J.B. O’Connor, Sally Johnson, Christine DeSimone, Kelly McQuain, D.M. Ferguson, Liz Robbins, Colleen Abel, Laressa Dickey, Christopher Beard, Sky Joiner, and Carolina Ebeid.

This issue also showcases the winning entries for the 2012 Pinch Literary Awards, as judged by Justin Torres and Nicky Beer. Those pieces are by Sam Witt, Jacqueline Berger, Julie E. Justicz, and Christina Stoddard.

The Spring issue also features stunning visual art from Ronit Baranga, Cindy Wright, Morgan Herrin, Myeongbeom Kim, Agnes Toth, Fraser Radford, and Kirkland Bray.

As a happy bonus, managing editor for the issue Tom Useted offers his insight into the Marcia Aldrich’s Companion to an Untold Story.

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