Spring 2006 (26.1)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 26.1 proudly presents River City Writing Award Winners Jill Rosenberg, Hal Ackerman, Ciaran Cooper, Richard Fox, and Karen Pittelman.

This edition includes fiction by Anna Baker, Carol J. Palay, Jim Tomlinson, Shellie Zacharia, Laurel Jenkins-Crowe, Carol Ghiglieri, Kelly Magee, and David Essinger.

Creative Nonfiction writers Beth Ann Fennelly, Vivian Wagner, and Gwendolyn Ashbaugh, are featured in this issue in addition to an interview with fiction author Jill McCorckle.

Proudly presenting Poetry by Basil Cleveland, Simeon Berry, James Doyl, Stephanie Michelle Rogers, Paul Douglass, Patrick Ryan, Eachan Holloway, Lee Sharkey, Jeff Schiff, David Mason, Tom C. Hunley, Kevin Griffith, Chad Parmenter, Mark Neely, James R. Whitley, Matthew Gavin Frank, Ellen Elder, Shara Lessley, and Seth Abramson.

Issue 26.1 also includes Visual Artists Alex Stein, Sheryl Oring, and Alice Andrews.