Spring 2008 (28.1) - SOLD OUT

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 28.1 features our 2007 River City Writing Award winners, including Mary Ziegler and Amber Gross for fiction and Len Krisak, Brad Modlin, and Chris Baker for poetry.

Other contributors include poets Lee Sharkey, Lynn Conlee, Collier Nogues, Bradley W. Buchanan, T. Alan Broughton, Avery Slater, Gary L. McDowell, Patrick Carrington, Raymond Wachter, Richard Lyons, James Doyle, Sharon Doyle, Rodney Gomez, and Daniel Saalfeld.

Fiction contributors include Garth Risk Hallberg, Molly Giles, Peter McKee Olds, Garnett Kilbury Cohen, and Marie Potockny.

Essays by Tita Ramirez, Arthur Saltzman, Debra S. Levy, Darlin' Neal, and Lulu Johnson.

Visual art by Margaret Munz-Losch, Adam Remsen, and Gary Golightly.