SPRING 2018 (38.1)



Issue 38.1 includes Whitney Collins’ “The Entertainer” which was selected for the 2020 edition of Pushcart Prize XLIV: Best of the Small Presses.

The journal also includes the winners of the 2017 Pinch Literary Awards. Kate Gaskin’s “What the War Was Not” won the Pinch Literary Poetry Contest (judge: Amorak Huey), Blair Hurley’s “The Replacement Wife” won the Pinch Literary Fiction Contest (judge: Caitlin Horrocks), and Eliza Smith’s “All These Apocalypses” won the Pinch Literary Creative Nonfiction Contest (judge: Jill Talbot).

Poetry: Rebecca McKanna, Emily Hunerwadel, Britt Ashley, Jennifer Pruiett-Selby, Isabelle Shepherd, Adam Stutz, Paige Sullivan, Clarissa Adkins, Anemone Beaulier, Gary McDowell, Dylan Nutter, Anatoly Molotkov, Charles Kell, Jennifer McBain-Stevens, and Sandy Longhorn

Fiction: Whitney Collins, Adrienne Bernhard, Jennifer Solheim, Peter D. Gorman, and Kate McMullen

Creative Nonfiction: Emily Sinclair, Alexander Bow, Kathryn Nuernberger, and Lea Page

Visual Art: Vanessa Gonzalez, Ricky Sikes, Anna Maranis, Trevor Simpson, Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton, Christen Parker, Kenzie Wells, Betsy Putnam, Gregory Smith, Sarah Shields, Courtney Whitlow, and Millet Vance

Interview: Caitlin Horrocks

Editor in Chief: Courtney Miller Santo
Managing Editor: Anthony Larry

Managing Editor Online : Marisa Manuel Marketing Editor : Haley Quinton
Fiction Editors : Mary Cartwright, Nathan Cooper, Jamie Logan, Megan Murphy, Kalpana Negi, Ken Thomas (Lead)
Poetry Editors : Sarah Cozort, Jacob Rayner, Daphne Tredore, Kim Vodicka (Lead)
Creative Nonfiction Editors : Veverly Edwards (Lead), Christine Guaragno, Sydney Wright
Online Editors : Jordan Evans, Beau Holland
Art Editor : Lacy Mitcham
Editorial Assistants : Alana King, Jackson Knight
Editorial Board : Alice Bolin • Cary Holladay • Marcus Wicker
Cover Art: Sarah Shields