SPRING 2018 (38.1)



Issue 38.1 includes the winners of the 2017 Pinch Literary Awards. Kate Gaskin’s “What the War Was Not” won the Pinch Literary Poetry Contest (judge: Amorak Huey), Blair Hurley’s “The Replacement Wife” won the Pinch Literary Fiction Contest (judge: Caitlin Horrocks), and Eliza Smith’s “All These Apocalypses” won the Pinch Literary Creative Nonfiction Contest (judge: Jill Talbot).

Poetry: Rebecca McKanna, Emily Hunerwadel, Britt Ashley, Jennifer Pruiett-Selby, Isabelle Shepherd, Adam Stutz, Paige Sullivan, Clarissa Adkins, Anemone Beaulier, Gary McDowell, Dylan Nutter, Anatoly Molotkov, Charles Kell, Jennifer McBain-Stevens, and Sandy Longhorn

Fiction: Whitney Collins, Adrienne Bernhard, Jennifer Solheim, Peter D. Gorman, and Kate McMullen

Creative Nonfiction: Emily Sinclair, Alexander Bow, Kathryn Nuernberger, and Lea Page

Visual Art: Vanessa Gonzalez, Ricky Sikes, Anna Maranis, Trevor Simpson, Sisavanh Phouthavong-Houghton, Christen Parker, Kenzie Wells, Betsy Putnam, Gregory Smith, Sarah Shields, Courtney Whitlow, and Millet Vance

Interview: Caitlin Horrocks

Editor in Chief: Courtney Miller Santo
Managing Editor: Anthony Larry

Managing Editor Online : Marisa Manuel Marketing Editor : Haley Quinton
Fiction Editors : Mary Cartwright, Nathan Cooper, Jamie Logan, Megan Murphy, Kalpana Negi, Ken Thomas (Lead)
Poetry Editors : Sarah Cozort, Jacob Rayner, Daphne Tredore, Kim Vodicka (Lead)
Creative Nonfiction Editors : Veverly Edwards (Lead), Christine Guaragno, Sydney Wright
Online Editors : Jordan Evans, Beau Holland
Art Editor : Lacy Mitcham
Editorial Assistants : Alana King, Jackson Knight
Editorial Board : Alice Bolin • Cary Holladay • Marcus Wicker
Cover Art: Sarah Shields