Fall 2008 (28.2)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 28.2 features an interview with poet C.K. Williams, plus poetry by Allison Joseph, Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck, Troy Jollimore, D. A. Powell, Janna Layton, Farrah Field, Keith Montesano, Jen Bills, Brady Rhoadses, Eli Goldblatt, Elizabeth Skurnick, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Patricia Waters, D. Antwan Stewart, Amy Wright, Tim Lockridge, A. L. Nielsen, and Barbara Tramonte.

Fiction authors represented are Nason Smith, Matt Debenham, Brian Kitely, Wendy Fox, Michael Czyzniejewski, Sarah Blackman, Eugene Cross, Anthony Farrington, William Giraldi, and Sharon Bippus.

Creative Nonfiction contributors include Michelle Seaton, Nicole Walker, Paul Lisicky, Marcia Aldrich, Randy Bates, and S. L. Wisenberg.

Not to be outdone, gorgeous art from Abigail Doan, Laura Richens, Gant Powell, Mark Masgya, Giovanni Garcia-French, Lorien Jordan and Anja Conrad also is included.

Spring 2008 (28.1) - SOLD OUT

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 28.1 features our 2007 River City Writing Award winners, including Mary Ziegler and Amber Gross for fiction and Len Krisak, Brad Modlin, and Chris Baker for poetry.

Other contributors include poets Lee Sharkey, Lynn Conlee, Collier Nogues, Bradley W. Buchanan, T. Alan Broughton, Avery Slater, Gary L. McDowell, Patrick Carrington, Raymond Wachter, Richard Lyons, James Doyle, Sharon Doyle, Rodney Gomez, and Daniel Saalfeld.

Fiction contributors include Garth Risk Hallberg, Molly Giles, Peter McKee Olds, Garnett Kilbury Cohen, and Marie Potockny.

Essays by Tita Ramirez, Arthur Saltzman, Debra S. Levy, Darlin' Neal, and Lulu Johnson.

Visual art by Margaret Munz-Losch, Adam Remsen, and Gary Golightly.

Fall 2007 (27.2) - SOLD OUT

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 27.2 features fiction from Hana Park, the winner of the 2007 Patrick W. Ryan Undergrad Writing Contest.

Other fiction by Chris Fink, Tim Keppel, Margaret McMullen, Michelle Reed, Steven Wingate, and Kathy Leonard Czepiel.

Essays by Dinty W. Moore, Ander Monson, Lee Gutkind, Mimi Dixon, and Floyd Skloot.

Poetry by Alex M. Frankel, Maya May, Charlotte Innes, Tolu Ogunlesi, Samuel Stenger Renken, Kathleen Rooney, J. David Stevens, Byron A. Kanoti, Rynn Williams, Even J. Peterson, David Rogers, Roger Desy, Claudia Grinnell, Amy L. Sargent, Craig Blais, and Elizabeth Langemak.

Proudly featuring drama by Andrew Kozma and an interview with Linda Gregerson.

Visual art by Jay Etkin, Alisa Houseal Botto, and Lynette May.

Spring 2007 (27.1) - SOLD OUT

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In issue 27.1, the Pinch was proud to publish the River City Writing Award winners, including Immy Wallenfels, J.C Todd, Anthony Russell White, and Lones Seiber.

Interviews with award winning poet Naomi Shihab Nye and best-selling author Nick Hornby make this issue especially lovable.

Fiction contributors include Ivan Faute, Patrick Thomas Casey, John Dufresne, Tracy DeBrincat, and Kevin Wilson.

Poets in the issue include Danial Gutstein, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Allison Campbell, Joshua McKinney, Judith A. Rypma, Michael Reid Busk, Johanna Hayhurst, Andrew Miller, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Mark Yakich, F. David Rzicznek, Nancy White, James Cushing, and Joshua McKinney.

Essayists include J. Malcolm Garcia, Steven Church, Randy Rudder, and James Miller Robinson.

Rich art from Pooja Bakri, Jada Thompson, and Ian Lemmonds also graces these pages.

Fall 2006 (26.2)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

There is an embarrassment of riches in issue 26.2, including poetry by Rita Mae Reese, Weston Cutter, Jason Koo, Danielle Sellers, Robert Nazarene, Andrea Hollander Budy, Ron Rash, Donna Prinzmetal, R. Kees, Julia Levine, Dana Sonnenschein, Tom Chandler, Chris Baker, Peter Kline, Alison Touster-Reed, Marilyn Kallet, Linda Parsons Marion, Dave G. W. Scott, and Arthur Smith.

Creative Nonfiction contributors include David McGlynn, Michael Steinberg, Bob Cowser, Jr., Ira Sukrungruang, Cedar Lorca Nordbye, Ned Stuckey-French, and Scott Russell Sanders.

Fiction writers are Stephanie Dickinson, Russ Courteny, John Wood, and Anis Shivani.

Also included is an interview with author Fredrick Busch.

Spring 2006 (26.1)

Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 26.1 proudly presents River City Writing Award Winners Jill Rosenberg, Hal Ackerman, Ciaran Cooper, Richard Fox, and Karen Pittelman.

This edition includes fiction by Anna Baker, Carol J. Palay, Jim Tomlinson, Shellie Zacharia, Laurel Jenkins-Crowe, Carol Ghiglieri, Kelly Magee, and David Essinger.

Creative Nonfiction writers Beth Ann Fennelly, Vivian Wagner, and Gwendolyn Ashbaugh, are featured in this issue in addition to an interview with fiction author Jill McCorckle.

Proudly presenting Poetry by Basil Cleveland, Simeon Berry, James Doyl, Stephanie Michelle Rogers, Paul Douglass, Patrick Ryan, Eachan Holloway, Lee Sharkey, Jeff Schiff, David Mason, Tom C. Hunley, Kevin Griffith, Chad Parmenter, Mark Neely, James R. Whitley, Matthew Gavin Frank, Ellen Elder, Shara Lessley, and Seth Abramson.

Issue 26.1 also includes Visual Artists Alex Stein, Sheryl Oring, and Alice Andrews.