Spring 2015 (35.1)

Pinch Front Cover Design by Matthew Gallant

Pinch Front Cover Design by Matthew Gallant

The Pinch Literary Journal proudly presents its 35th anniversary issue - a sleek, sophisticated, and distinct tribute to the literary arts. 

Issue 35.1 includes the winners of the the 2014 Pinch Literary Awards. Sarah Viren's essay "My Murderer's Futon" won the Pinch Literary Nonfiction Contest (as judged by Lee Martin); Mark Wagennar's poem, "Shake & Bake Blues (Midwest Blues)" which won the Pinch Poetry Contest (as judged by Adam Clay); and Emily Ruth Verona, who won the Pinch Literary Fiction contest with her short story, "Care."

Other short fiction writers featured in the Spring 2015 issue include Justin Carroll, Danielle LaVaque-Manty, Simeon Mills, Thad Kenner, Conor Teevan, and Shuler Benson,

As well as essays by Thomas Mira Y Lopez, Jad Adkins, Brett Slezak, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, and Kendra Atleework. 

We have poetry from Lauren Hilger, Veronica Lupinacci, Anya Groner, Doug Ramspeck, Shira Richman, Brian Clifton, David Koehn, Megan Peak, Heather Dobbins, Caroline Crew, Chen Chen, Adele Barclay, Aimee Baker, Ann Pelletier, Emilia Phillips, Kenji C. Liu, J. Camp Brown, Caitlin Mackenzie, Jessica Poli, Sarah Pape, Maceo J. Whitaker, and Sean Patrick Hall.

Visual artists featured in Issue 35.1 of the Pinch Literary Journal include David Cook, Dave Eassa, Sarah Meyers Brent, Adrienne Ginter, April Pierce, Caitlin Hettich, Holt Brasher, and Todd Hale. 

Editor-in-Chief:  Tim Johnston
Managing Editor: Matthew Kranjiak
Assistant Managing Editor: Matthew Gallant
Senior Fiction Editor: Eric McQuade
Fiction Editor: Jon Bauer
Senior Poetry Editor: Ashley Roach-Freiman
Poetry Editor: Ruth Baumann
Senior Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kat Moore
Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Amanda Muir
Senior Online Editor: Dallas Allen

Online Editor: Claire Schneider
Technical Editor: Andy Ross
Senior Social Media & Marketing Darling: Kat Moore

Social Media & Marketing Darling: Alana King
Founder:  William Page