SPRING 2018 (38.1)

Editor in Chief: Courtney Miller Santo

Managing Editor: Anthony Larry

Managing Editor Online : Marisa Manuel 

Marketing Editor : Haley Quinton

Fiction Editors : Mary Cartwright, Nathan Cooper, Jamie Logan, Megan Murphy, Kalpana Negi, Ken Thomas (Lead)

Poetry Editors : Sarah Cozort, Jacob Rayner, Daphne Tredore, Kim Vodicka (Lead)

Creative Nonfiction Editors : Veverly Edwards (Lead), Christine Guaragno, Sydney Wright

Online Editors : Jordan Evans, Beau Holland

Art Editor : Lacy Mitcham

Editorial Assistants : Alana King, Jackson Knight

Editorial Board : Alice Bolin • Cary Holladay • Marcus Wicker

Cover Art: Sarah Shields

Fall 2017 (37.2) - SOLD OUT!

Editor in Chief : Courtney Miller Santo

Managing Editor : Kendra Vanderlip

CoverFox copy.jpg

Assistant Managing Editor : Anthony Larry 

Marketing Editor : Marisa Manuel

Online Managing Editor : Claire Schneider 

Contest Coordinator: Kenneth Thomas

Fiction Editors : Devan Del Conte (Lead), Ellen Dunn, Megan Murphy, Haley Quinton, Ryan Stembridge

Poetry Editors : Jeanna Paden, Daphne Tredore (Lead), Kim Vodicka

Creative Nonfiction Editors : Veverly Edwards, Alana Kind (Lead), Sydney Wright

Online Editors : Adela Brito, Kalpana Negi

Art Editor : Ellen Dempsey

Editorial Assistants : Hunter Keough, Julie Fournier 

Editorial Board : John Bensko • Cary Holladay 

Front and Back Cover Art: Erica McCarrens

Spring 2017 (37.1)

Editor in Chief : Courtney Miller Santo

Managing Editor : Severin Allgood

Assistant Managing Editor : Kendra Vanderlip

Fiction Editors : Devan Del Conte, Ellen Dunn, Claire Schneider

Poetry Editors : Peter Hogan, Alana King, Anthony Larry

Creative Nonfiction Editors : Marisa Manuel, Ryan Stembridge

Online Editors : Breanne Hager, Marisa Manuel, Abby Smith

Art Director : Ellen Dempsey

Social Media & Marketing Director : Anthony Larry

Business Manager: Breanne Hager

Editorial Assistants : Adela Brito, Lincoln Coffman, Lindsay Dailey, Veverly Edwards, Megan Murphy, Kalpana Negi, Latifa Newbill, Haley Quinton, Kenneth Thomas, Daphne Tredore, Kim Vodicka, Martin White 

Editorial Board : John Bensko • Cary Holladay • Sarai Walker

Front Cover Art: Mark Hosford



Fall 2016 (36.2)

Editor in Chief : Tim Johnston

Managing Editor : Cheryl Smart

Assistant Managing Editor : Derek Moseley

Senior Fiction Editor : Ryan Stembridge

Fiction Editor : Severin Allgood

Senior Poetry Editor : Peter Hogan

Poetry Editor : Rachel Smith

Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor : Breanne Hager

Creative Nonfiction Editor : Kendra Vanderlip

Online Editors : Alana King, Claire Schneider, Abby Smith

Art Director : Laura Lawson

Senior Social Media & Marketing Director : Aaron Brame

Social Media & Marketing Director : Anthony Larry

Literary Contest Directors : Lincoln Coffman, Devan Del Conte

Editorial Assistants : Lindsay Dailey, Taylor Hunt, Marisa Manuel, Skye Roberson, Chuck Robinson

Editorial Board : John Bensko • Sonja Livingston • Cary Holladay

Front Cover Art: Michael Lambert




Spring 2016 (36.1) - SOLD OUT!


Issue 36.1 includes the winners of the the 2015 Pinch Literary Awards. Nina Yun's "The Great Middle" won the Pinch Literary Nonfiction Contest (judged by Lia Purpura); Jennifer Givhan's poem, "Why Birds?" won the Pinch Poetry Contest (judged by Ada Limón); and Molly Reid's "Happy You're Here" won the Pinch Literary Fiction contest (judged by David James Poissant).

Issue 36.1 also includes poetry from Marty Cain, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Heather Cox, Maggie McGuinness, Diana Smith Bolton, Brian Laidlaw, Jennifer Moore, Madison McCartha, Carrie Lorig, Elizabeth Hoover, Keetje Kuipers, Erin Rodoni, Adam Prince, William Brewer, Stephanie Lenox, Angie Macri, Tyler Kline, and Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams.

Fiction in this issue comes from Samantha Duncan, Kerry Donoghue, Gregory J. Wolos, Hunter Choate, and Steve Stern.

Creative Nonfiction from Amy A. Whitcomb, Paul Crenshaw, and Kate Washington round out this issue's literary component.

Visual artists featured in 36.1 are Kathryn Jill Johnson, Akira Beard, Katie Baldwin, Roxie Veasey, Martin Wittfooth, Mike Dargas, Melissa Dunn, Anne Harris, and Ashley Oubré.

Editor-in-Chief:  Tim Johnston
Managing Editor: Ashley Roach-Freiman
Assistant Managing Editor: Cheryl Smart
Senior Fiction Editor: Derek Moseley
Fiction Editor: Ellen Dunn
Senior Poetry Editor: Aaron Brame
Poetry Editor: Peter Hogan
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor: Ryan Stembridge
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Breanne Hager
Senior Online Editor: Claire Schneider
Online Editor: Matthew Gallant
Art Director: Sarah Best Johnson
Senior Social Media & Marketing Director: Alana King
Editorial Assistants: Devan Del Conte, Oliver Fox, Anthony Green, Anthony Larry, Savannah Lyons, Amanda Muir, Abby Smith, and Rachel Smith

Fall 2015 (35.2) - SOLD OUT!

Artwork by Bonnie Stipe

Erin Adair-HodgesAileen BassisEmma BoldenAshley Chambers,  Karen Craigo, Kwame DawesMatthew Henriksen, Erin Hoover, Cindy E. King, EJ LevyLaurin Becker MaciosEmily Mohn-SlateCindy Hunter MorganNancy Carol Moody, Brian Simoneau, Lindsay Tigue, John Walser, PJ Williams

Charles Booth, Ayşe Papatya Bucak, K.L. CookMaurice Carlos Ruffin, Nickalus Rupert, Kami Westhoff

Marcia Aldrich, BJ Hollars, Devin Latham, Lee MartinRobin McCarthyAnder MonsonAlexis PaigeBonnie J. RoughCait Weiss

Katrina AndryTaylor BaldwinLuke BallJenny BlumenfieldDara Engler, Motoko KamadaJoseph KameenLauren Rose Kinney & Patrick VincentVitus ShellBonnie Stipe


Editor-in-Chief:  Tim Johnston
Managing Editor: Matthew Gallant
Assistant Managing Editor: Ashley Roach-Freiman
Senior Fiction Editor: Jon Bauer
Fiction Editor: Derek Moseley
Fiction Editor: Andy Ross
Senior Poetry Editor: Aaron Brame
Poetry Editor: Ruth Baumann
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor: Amanda Muir
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Cheryl Smart
Senior Online Editor: Claire Schneider
Online Editor: Dallas Allen
Online Editor: Severin Allgood
Senior Social Media & Marketing Director: Alana King

Spring 2015 (35.1)

 Pinch Front Cover Design by Matthew Gallant

Pinch Front Cover Design by Matthew Gallant

The Pinch Literary Journal proudly presents its 35th anniversary issue - a sleek, sophisticated, and distinct tribute to the literary arts. 

Issue 35.1 includes the winners of the the 2014 Pinch Literary Awards. Sarah Viren's essay "My Murderer's Futon" won the Pinch Literary Nonfiction Contest (as judged by Lee Martin); Mark Wagennar's poem, "Shake & Bake Blues (Midwest Blues)" which won the Pinch Poetry Contest (as judged by Adam Clay); and Emily Ruth Verona, who won the Pinch Literary Fiction contest with her short story, "Care."

Other short fiction writers featured in the Spring 2015 issue include Justin Carroll, Danielle LaVaque-Manty, Simeon Mills, Thad Kenner, Conor Teevan, and Shuler Benson,

As well as essays by Thomas Mira Y Lopez, Jad Adkins, Brett Slezak, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, and Kendra Atleework. 

We have poetry from Lauren Hilger, Veronica Lupinacci, Anya Groner, Doug Ramspeck, Shira Richman, Brian Clifton, David Koehn, Megan Peak, Heather Dobbins, Caroline Crew, Chen Chen, Adele Barclay, Aimee Baker, Ann Pelletier, Emilia Phillips, Kenji C. Liu, J. Camp Brown, Caitlin Mackenzie, Jessica Poli, Sarah Pape, Maceo J. Whitaker, and Sean Patrick Hall.

Visual artists featured in Issue 35.1 of the Pinch Literary Journal include David Cook, Dave Eassa, Sarah Meyers Brent, Adrienne Ginter, April Pierce, Caitlin Hettich, Holt Brasher, and Todd Hale. 

Editor-in-Chief:  Tim Johnston
Managing Editor: Matthew Kranjiak
Assistant Managing Editor: Matthew Gallant
Senior Fiction Editor: Eric McQuade
Fiction Editor: Jon Bauer
Senior Poetry Editor: Ashley Roach-Freiman
Poetry Editor: Ruth Baumann
Senior Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Kat Moore
Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Amanda Muir
Senior Online Editor: Dallas Allen

Online Editor: Claire Schneider
Technical Editor: Andy Ross
Senior Social Media & Marketing Darling: Kat Moore

Social Media & Marketing Darling: Alana King

Founder:  William Page

Fall 2014 (34.2)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 34.2 we’ve got a lineup of fiction from Gretchen VanWormer, Jessica Newman, Vera Kurian, Alisha Karabinus, Kim Drew Wright, Mike Meginnis and Gabriel Houck.

Creative nonfiction in this issue comes from Sarah Vallance, Matthew Vollmer, Emily Rich, Angela Woodward, Sarah M. Wells and Jamie Lyn Smith.

We’ve got poetry for you from Nick Courtwright, Meghan Privitello, Becky Fink, Adam Clay, Nick Narbutas, Alex Lemon, Laurie Filipelli, Joseph Massey, Alexis Pope, Emily Skaja, Caroline Cabrera, Lacie Meier, Jenny Boychuk, Bethany Carlson, Jackie Clark, Christopher Citro, Anna B. Sutton, Jane Wong, Ginger Ko, Benjamin Goldberg, J. Scott Brownlee, Graham Foust, Rachel Mennies, Mike Young and Matt McBride.

Visual art comes from Anne Siems, Jennifer Budde, Brandon Dill, Rebecca Parker, Christan Mitchell, Tyler Hildebrand and George Long.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen

Managing Editor: Ruth Baumann

Assistant Managing Editor: Matthew Krajniak

Senior Fiction Editor: Dallas Allen

Fiction Editor: Eric McQuade
Senior Poetry Editor: Ashley Roach

Poetry Editor: Clay Cantrell

Senior Non-Fiction Editor/ Pinch Hero: Matthew Gallant
Non-Fiction Editor: Kat Moore
Contributing Non-Fiction Editor: Colleen Pawling
Art Editor: Ashley Roach
Marketing/Technical Coordinator: Andy Ross
Literary Contest Coordinator/Czarina: Mariah Chitouras
Founder:  William Page

Spring 2014 (34.1)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 34.1 we’ve got a lineup of fiction from Mary-Kim Arnold, Claire Harlan Orsi, Christine Friedlander, K vish, Anne Doten and Nick Kocz.

Creative nonfiction in this issue comes from Alicia Catt, Rebecca Huntman, Jill Talbot, Kathleen Blackburn and Melissa Ferrone.

We’ve got poetry for you from John McCarthy, Mark Wagenaar, Carleen Tibbetts, Eric Anderson, Kat Finch, Shivani Mehta, Rick Bursky, Molly Beckwith, Abraham Smith, Lena Moses-Schmitt, Lucy Biederman, Mikko Harvey, Ryan Bollenbach, Catherine Bresner, Chloe Anne Campbell, Kim Stoll, Opal C. McCarthy, Leia Darwish, Suzi F. Garcia, Julie Henson, Alan Michael Parker, Emily Bludworth De Barrios, Colleen Barry, Anders Carlson-Wee, Charlie Clark, Priya Keefe, Lauren Clark, Paul Beilstein, Tarfia Faizullah, Katie Willingham and Carrie Green.

We’re thrilled to feature the winners of the 2013 Pinch Literary Awards, judged by Roxane Gay, Mark Jarman and Abigail Thomas. Winning pieces appearing in this issue are by Molly Beer (creative nonfiction), John Haggerty (fiction) and Ann Vermel (poetry).

Visual art comes from Fabian Bürgy, Hyunyoung Kim, Maurizio Bongiovanni, Mary Jo Karimnia, Keiko Gonzalez, Kieran Brent and Anja Niemi.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor: Christopher Moyer
Assistant Managing Editor: Ruth Baumann
Senior Fiction Editor: Matthew Krajniak
Fiction Editor: Dallas Allen
Senior Faculty Poetry Editor: Kathy Lou Schultz
Senior Poetry Editor at Large: Justin Luzader
Senior Non-Fiction Editor: Mariah Chitouras
Non-Fiction Editor: Matthew Helms
Art Editor: Jonathan May
Founder:  William Page

Fall 2013 (33.2)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 33.2, we’ve got fiction from Joseph Rein, Jaclyn Dwyer, Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, Amanda Leahy, David James Poissant and Tessa Mellas.

We’ve got creative nonfiction from Marcia Aldrich, Kristen Radtke, Steve Adams, Sonya Huber and Aubrey Hirsch.

Poetry contributors for this issue are Allison Seay, Sharon Wang, Jen Edwards, Avni Vyas & Anne Barngrover, Cindy Beebe, James Tadd Adcox, JD Scott, Doug Fuller, C Dylan Bassett, Kelly Forsythe, Felicia Zamora, Sandra Meek, Erin Dorney, Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert, Nathan Parker, Janet Bowdan, Anne Champion, Emily Sketch Haines, Lee Sharkey, Norman Dubie, Kim Lozano, Gordon Osing, Chris Emslie,  Wendy Xu, Carl Phillips and Kwame Dawes.

We’ve got an amazing interview with Mary Leader, author of three books of poems: Red Signature, The Penultimate Suitor and Beyond the Fire. A fourth book is due out from Shearsman in 2014.

This issue also features a review by Laura Woodrum of Jo Sarzotti’s debut poetry collection, Mother Desert.

Visual art is from Petrina Hicks, Ambera Wellman, Till Rabus, Pietro Spirito, Beili Liu, Julia Randall, Alejandro Guijarro and Ivan De Monbrison.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor: Justin Luzader
Assistant Managing Editor: Chris Moyer
Senior Fiction Editor: Sarah Slack
Fiction Editor: Matthew Krajniak
Senior Poetry Editor: Ruth Baumann
Poetry Editor: Laura Woodrum
Senior Non-Fiction Editor: Mariah Chitouras
Non-Fiction Editor: Christine Kavelaras-Powers
Art Editor: Jonathan May
Contest Coordinator: Mariah Chitouras
Founder:  William Page

Spring 2013 (33.1)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In Issue 33.1, we’ve got an interview with Randall Kenan, author of Only The Dead Know Chapel Hill, Let the Dead Bury Their Dead, and A Visitation of Spirits, among others.

Our fiction offerings include work by Darren Morris, D.J. Thielke, Lindsey Drager, Dylan Brie Ducey, and Devin Murphy.

We’ve also got creative nonfiction from Marilyn Abildskov, Andrew Johnson, Rachel Riederer, Joey Franklin, and Jillian Weiss.

For poetry, we’ve got a stellar, varied cast: Glenn Shaheen, Michael Martin Shea, Portia Elan, Alec Hershman, Audrey Walls, David Scronce, Lori Mosley, Michael Marberry, Elizabeth Bohnhorst, Cory Hutchinson-Reuss, Rachael Lyon, Mary Ann Samyn, Angie Macri, Kevin J.B. O’Connor, Sally Johnson, Christine DeSimone, Kelly McQuain, D.M. Ferguson, Liz Robbins, Colleen Abel, Laressa Dickey, Christopher Beard, Sky Joiner, and Carolina Ebeid.

This issue also showcases the winning entries for the 2012 Pinch Literary Awards, as judged by Justin Torres and Nicky Beer. Those pieces are by Sam Witt, Jacqueline Berger, Julie E. Justicz, and Christina Stoddard.

The Spring issue also features stunning visual art from Ronit Baranga, Cindy Wright, Morgan Herrin, Myeongbeom Kim, Agnes Toth, Fraser Radford, and Kirkland Bray.

As a happy bonus, managing editor for the issue Tom Useted offers his insight into the Marcia Aldrich’s Companion to an Untold Story.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Editor:  Sonja Livingston
Managing Editor:  Tom Useted
Assistant Managing Editor: Justin Luzader
Senior Fiction Editor: Erin Pounders
Fiction Editor: Sarah Slack
Senior Poetry Editor: Clay Cantrell
Poetry Editor: Ruth Ann Baumann
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor: Matt Hellams
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Lonette Stayton
Art Editor:  Jonathan Owen May
Marketing and Distribution Director: Chris Moyer
Technical Editor: Chris Moyer
Founder: William Page

Fall 2012 (32.2) - SOLD OUT

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

This issue, we’ve got an interview on story craft and character development with the always spectacular Bobbie Ann Mason. We’re also serving up incredible poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction from Roxane Gay, Michael Croley, Nicholas Wong, Christine Stewart, Meg Cowen, Ray McManus, Raymond Fleischmann, Christopher Kempf, Eireann Lorsung, David Roderick, Daniel Browne, William Lusk Coppage, Jax Peters Lowell, Derek Palacio, Susan Gubernat, John Vanderslice, Allison Campbell, Maria Rapoport, Traci Brimhall, Charlotte Boulay, James Crizer, Bryce Emley, Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., Helen Phillips, Brad Henderson, Harold Whit Williams, Ira Sukrungruang, Elizabeth O’Brien, Anthony Opal, Tim Hayes, Sydney Lea, and Tory Adkisson. We’re also pleased to bring you the winning entries from the University of New Orleans Creative Contest, as judged by the editorial staff of The Pinch, including pieces by Kiki Whang, Jill Frischhertz, and Anne Royan.

The Fall 2012 also features stunning visual art from Maysey Craddock, Amy Lind, Dan Ball, and Marie Porterfield.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Editor: Wendy Sumner-Winter
Managing Editor:  Alyssa Kopanyi
Assistant Managing Editor: Tom Useted
Senior Fiction Editor: John Filkorn
Fiction Editor: Chris Moyer
Senior Poetry Editor: Matthew Hellams
Poetry Editor: Clay Cantrell
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor: Devon Taylor
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Kate Gallagher
Art Editor:  Erin Pounders
Marketing Director: Maggie Bausch
Technical Editor: Chris Moyer
Distribution Coordinator: Alyssa Kopanyi
Literary Contest Coordinator: Sarah Slack
Founder: William Page

Spring 2012 (32.1)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Featuring interviews with Marge Piercy and Richard Tillinghast. Fiction and poetry by our wonderful Literary Award winners: Stu Dearnley, Judith Edelman, Claudine R. Moreau and John Sibley Williams. We also have incredible poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction from Steve Adams, Will Boast, Gaylord Brewer, John F. Buckley and Martin Ott, Josh Dorman, Chris Fink, Mary Flanagan, Amy Fraser, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Carrie Green, Todd Hearon, Darren Jackson, Jaybo, Jason M. Jones, Jason Koo, Anna Leahy, Scott Nadelson, Alison Pelegrin, Jennifer Perrine, Alison Prine, Shelley Puhak, Jennifer Richter, Alex Roulette, Laurie Sewall, Lee Sharkey, and Matthew Vollmer.


Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor:  Tara Mae Mulroy
Assist Managing Editor:  Alyssa Kopanyi
Senior Fiction Editor:  Rachel Ewing
Fiction Editor:  Elizabeth Cameron
Senior Poetry Editor:  Justin Luzader
Poetry Editor:  Matthew Hellams
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor: Tom Useted
Creative Nonfiction Editor:  Maggie Bausch
Art Editor:  Justin Luzader
Marketing and Special Events Director: Alyssa Kopanyi and Tara Mae Mulroy
Technical Editors: Elizabeth Cameron and Justin Luzader
Distribution Coordinator:  Alyssa Kopanyi
Literary Contest Coordinator: Sarah Slack
Founder:  William Page

Fall 2011 (31.2)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Featuring an interview with Beth Ann Fennelly and Tom Franklin. Poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction from Brian Barker, Bruce Bond, Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., Rick Bursky, Julialicia Case, Meagan Cass, Brendan Constantine, Weston Cutter, Kerry James Evans, Chris Gavaler, James Allen Hall, Douglas S. Jones, Harrison Scott Key, Stephen Lackaye, Kathryn Lackie, Linda Lancione, Angie Macri, Jen McClanaghan, Jannell McConnell, Nicci Mechler, Mark Neely, Mark Polanzak, Micheal Poore,Christine Poreba, Jacques J. Rancourt, Brady Rhoades, Glenn Shaheen, Alex Stein,Peter Stenson, Stacey Waite, and Christian A. Winn.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor:  Scott Carter
Assistant Managing Editor:  Tara Mae Schultz
Senior Fiction Editor:  Elizabeth Cameron
Fiction Editor:  Alyssa Kopanyi
Senior Poetry Editor:  Justin Luzader
Poetry Editor:  Jonathan May
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor: Rachel Ewing
Creative Nonfiction Editor:  Tom Useted
Art Editor:  Justin Luzader
Marketing and Special Events Director:  Kerry Hanahan
Technical Editors: Kerry Hanahan & Scott Carter
Distribution Coordinator:  Alyssa Kopanyi
Literary Contest Coordinator: Colleen Pawling
Founder:  William Page

Spring 2011 (31.1)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Featuring an interview with Robert Root.  Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art from Maureen Alsop, Josiah Bancroft, Adam Braver, John Randolph Carter, Brad Clompus, Brian Doyle, Kerry James Evans, Jeff Fearnside, Dean Fleming, Kerri French, Stephanie Harrison, Leslie Jamison, Jill N. Kandel, David Keplinger, Stacy Kidd, Caroline Klocksiem, Andrew Kozma, Bill Lavender, Louviere + Vanessa, Andrew MacDonald, Martha Majsak, Brianna Noll, Jennifer Perrine, Caroline Picard, David James Poissant, Padgett Powell, Doug Ramspeck, Anna Ross, Joshua Ruffin, Justin Runge, Susan B.A. Sommers-Willett, Jonathan Starke, Kevin E. Taylor, Karyn Wergland, Pamela Wilson, Bradford Winters, and Brigit Kelly Young.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor:  Kerry Hanahan
Assistant Managing Editor:  Scott Carter
Senior Fiction Editor:  Sarah Grace Wilder
Fiction Editor:  Courtney Santo
Senior Poetry Editor:  Tara Mae Schultz
Poetry Editor:  Kaitlyn Patterson
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor:  Lindsay Purves
Creative Nonfiction Editor:  Rachel Ewing
Art Editor:  Justin Luzader
Technical Editor:  Courtney Santo
Marketing Coordinator:  Devon Taylor
Distribution Coordinator:  Alyssa Kopanyi
Special Events Coordinator:  Candice Baxter
Founder:  William Page

Fall 2010 (30.2) - SOLD OUT

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Featuring an interview with Lee Sharkey.  Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art from Marica Aldrich, Michael Boccardo, John Brandon, Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., Adam Brochstein, Darin Ciccotelli, Nancy Cavers Dougherty, Lynnell Edwards, Noah Falck, Gyorgy Faludy, Mary Beth Ferda, Julie Hensley, Caitlin Hurd, Alice Jay, Dave Kim, Katie Kingston, Joel Long, Bo McGuire, Jessica Moll, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Polly Morgan, Bonnie Naradzay, Gordon Osing, Roberto Osti, Kate Petersen, John Poch, David Ramsey, Barbara Rockman, Brad Rohrer, Lee Sharkey, Paul Sohar, Leslie St. John, Sarah Sweeney, Cody Todd, Tam Tran, Rosalynde Vas Dias, Miles Waggener, and J.P. White.

Editor-in-Chief:  Kristen Iversen
Managing Editor:  Jonathan May
Assistant Managing Editor:  Kerry Hanahan
Senior Fiction Editor:  Ashley Paige
Fiction Editor:  Scott Carter
Senior Poetry Editor:  Kaitlyn Patterson
Poetry Editor:  Tara Mae Schultz
Senior Creative Nonfiction Editor:  Matt Martin
Creative Nonfiction Editor:  Leigh Ann Vanscoy
Literary Contest Coordinator:  Lindsay Purves
Art Editor:  Jenny Lederer
Technical Editor:  Courtney Santo
Marketing Coordinator:  Sarah Grace Wilder
Marketing Team:  Rachel Ewing, Alex Schulz
Distribution Coordinator:  Beka Sharp
Distribution Team:  Jennifer Weber
Special Events Coordinator:  Candice Baxter
Special Events Team:  Emily Thrash
Founder:  William Page

Spring 2010 (30.1) - SOLD OUT

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Featuring interviews with James Brasfield and Michael Knight.  Poetry, fiction,  creative nonfiction, and visual art by Maria Bennett, David Borofka, James Brasfield, Zoe Childerley, Carol Claassen, Gary Joseph Cohen, Traci O Connor, Erica Johnson Debeljak, Adam Day, Tray Drumhann, John W. Evans, Tom Fleischmann, Kenneth Frost, Chasen Igleheart, Michael Knight, Greg Larson, Michael Levan, Sandy Longhorn, Gregory Loselle, Daniel Lusk, Richard Lyons, John McKernan, Berwyn Moore, Kerry Muir, Mery Natchez, Laura Pritchett, Dan Piepenbring, Joshua Schriftman, David Starkey, Mary Switalski, Ryan Teitman, and A. Wolfe.

Fall 2009 (29.2)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Featuring an interview with Percival Everett.  Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art by Devin Becker, B.J. Best, T. Alan Broughton, Baxter Buck, Julialicia Case, Steven Church, Katherine Cottle, Bob Cowser, Jr., Tom Demarchi, Roger Desy, Kerry James Evans, S.B. Ferguson, Christina Forrest, Elisa Gabbert, Elizabeth Genovise, John Grey, Lorri Honeycutt, Tung-Hui Hu, Brian Kitely, Jason Koo, Bill Lavender, dawn lonsinger, Benjamin S. Lowenkron, Lisa Maners, Jen McGlanaghan, David Torrey Peters, Phyllis Peters, Rachel Richardson, Kathleen Rooney, Marina Rubin, Jeff Simpson, Bobby Spilllman, Holly Vanderhaar, Paul Watsky, Conor Welch, Nick White, Jenna Williams, Steven Wingate, A. Wolf, and Arianne Zwartjes.

Spring 2009 (29.1) - SOLD OUT

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

In issue 29.1, we've got fiction by Alex Taylor, Memphis's own Corey Mesler, and George Singleton.

Our Creative Nonfiction includes pieces by Robert Root, Dan O'Brien, Natalie Parker-Lawrence, and John Dufresne.

Poetry contributors are Aaron Kellerstrass, Sara E. Lamers, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mindgdé, Carrie Shipers, Joshua McKinney, Sarah Donachie, TC Tolbert, Gay Baines, Floyd Skloot, Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Christina Stoddard, Doug Ramspeck, Mark Neely, Donald Morrill, Steven W. McCarty, Rebecca Foust, Kevin McKelvey.

This issue features an interview with Floyd Skloot, the author of fifteen books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as a visual art feast from Nancy Cheairs, Mary Reed, Mark Ducklo, Bobby Spillman, and Alex Stein.

The Pinch 2008 Literary Awards were published therein, featuring fiction winners Anne Leigh Parrish, Jacob M. Apppel, and David Williams and poetry winners Rebecca Patrascu, Pat Landreth Keller and Mark Wagenaar.

Fall 2008 (28.2)

 Cover by Gary Golightly

Cover by Gary Golightly

Issue 28.2 features an interview with poet C.K. Williams, plus poetry by Allison Joseph, Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck, Troy Jollimore, D. A. Powell, Janna Layton, Farrah Field, Keith Montesano, Jen Bills, Brady Rhoadses, Eli Goldblatt, Elizabeth Skurnick, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Patricia Waters, D. Antwan Stewart, Amy Wright, Tim Lockridge, A. L. Nielsen, and Barbara Tramonte.

Fiction authors represented are Nason Smith, Matt Debenham, Brian Kitely, Wendy Fox, Michael Czyzniejewski, Sarah Blackman, Eugene Cross, Anthony Farrington, William Giraldi, and Sharon Bippus.

Creative Nonfiction contributors include Michelle Seaton, Nicole Walker, Paul Lisicky, Marcia Aldrich, Randy Bates, and S. L. Wisenberg.

Not to be outdone, gorgeous art from Abigail Doan, Laura Richens, Gant Powell, Mark Masgya, Giovanni Garcia-French, Lorien Jordan and Anja Conrad also is included.