Congrats to Pinch Pushcart Winner Whitney Collins!

Congratulations to Whitney Collins for winning a Pushcart Prize for her story “The Entertainer” from issue 38.1 of The Pinch! “The Entertainer” will appear in the 2020 edition of Pushcart Prize XLIV: Best of the Small Presses.

Whitney Collins’s fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The PinchNinth LetterGristThe Southeast ReviewQuarter After EightThe Laurel ReviewLuminaRaleigh ReviewThe Gateway Review, and Moon City Review, among others. Her nonfiction and humor can be found on various sites, including: SalonMcSweeney’s Internet TendencyHuffington PostThe Weeklings, and The Big Jewel. She was a semifinalist in American Short Fiction’s 2019 The American Short(er) Fiction Prize and holds an MFA from Spalding University. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and sons. 

We are delighted to have this work included in the Pushcart anthology!


Submissions Are... Open!!!

The Pinch had some exciting updates this year, including our new podcast (more to come this Fall), new Finchy as Puck pins, and did we mention the giant heads at AWP?

In keeping with these traditionally transgressive changes, we have an announcement: starting today, The Pinch is open for submissions year-round! 

Send us your best Poetry, CNF, Fiction, and Art. Click here for more information, and here to submit! For an idea of what we're looking for, get your copy of our latest issue, or check out these interviews with our staff.

We look forward to reading your pinchy work... year-round! 

Dramatically Yours,
The Online Team

P.S. While you're clicking around the site, be sure to take a look at the winners of our latest Literary Awards. Thanks to our judges and all who submitted!


We're having a blast in Tampa at AWP! Come visit us at the book fair in booth 604!

As you can see, we've had a few special guests!

As you can see, we've had a few special guests!

Swing on by for a photo op with Oscar Wilde! We also have some super fun contest promotions, our adorable finch pins (buy them at AWP for only $10!), and our latest issue, fresh off the press. 

Please pop by and say hi!

The Pinch at AWP - Come Visit Us!

The Pinch will be at AWP in Tampa and there are a few reasons you should stop by. 

1. Clothespins - Always wanted to do something cool and Pinterest-y with clothespins but never had the time? Don't worry, we did it for you. These aren't just ordinary clothespins that you'd use for your laundry, but if you'd like to, we won't judge. They're ~luxury~ clothespins that we're unveiling for the first time ever at AWP as part of our brand new logo!

2. Finchy - Get ready to get Finchy as Puck at AWP. The only way you can do this is if you stop by our booth and pick up one of our new pins, which we mentioned in a previous blog post. 

3. Remember the surprise guest we mentioned on twitter? Don't you want to meet them? Of course you do! Come to our booth and have your picture taken.

Where else can you take photos while being Finchy as Puck with your new handy dandy Pinterest-y clothespin? Nowhere. The only place you can do all three of these things is at booth 604, home of The Pinch at AWP.

Dramatically yours,
The Pinch Online 

This post was brought to you by our special guest, Sabrina!

This post was brought to you by our special guest, Sabrina!

Finchy as Puck


Beloved Readers,

A few weeks ago, we promised you cool, new Pinch content, and we're delivering! Get your limited edition Finchy as Puck pin to celebrate the upcoming release of issue 38.1. We've made just over 100 of these pins, so get yours while they're still in stock!

Be sure to check out our contest and our twitter for even more cool new merch and opportunities. We'll also have some surprises in store at AWP, and we hope to see you at our booth!

Dramatically yours (and Finchy as Puck),
The Online Team


It's almost Valentine's Day....

Hello, our beloved readers!

Be our Valentine, and be on the lookout for a special Valentine's Day contest on February 14th! 

Also, check out some new audio of a poem from our upcoming Spring 2018 issue--read by the author herself! The poem is "Experiment of a Woman as a Paper Cutout" by Clarissa Adkins.  

Check out some new audio!

We started off our semester with some snow days, but we're finally back at it and in the swing of things! 

Our Spring 2018 will be out soon! As a special treat for our readers, we have audio of a really great story, "The Replacement Wife" by Blair Hurley, from our upcoming issue. Check out the audio, read by Blair Hurley herself. 

Keep an eye out for the Spring 2018 issue!

Happy New Year!

It's the start of a new year, and The Pinch is feeling pretty festive! Here are some of our resolutions/goals, and how we plan to achieve them:

1. More drawings and giveaways.

We'll start this one off with a new contest drawing. Submit to our 2018 Pinch Literary Awards by Jan. 15th and be entered in a drawing for a free contest submission and several surprise books. 

2. More new content... including a podcast!

Be on the lookout for our first podcast later this year. We'll keep you posted as we develop a schedule. Feel free to tweet us discussion ideas!

3. More interaction with our readers and writers.

Our contributors are what make The Pinch The Pinch. Expect more interviews and updates, and let us know if you have any news to share.

2017 was filled with amazing writing and writers--here's to even more in 2018! 

2018 Pinch Literary Awards Open Dec. 15th

Beloved readers,

This Friday, December 15th, The Pinch will open submissions for our 2018 Pinch Literary Awards. Winners in each genre will receive $1000 and publication, and all runner-ups will be considered for publication. 

If you're thinking of submitting early, here's another reason: all submitters between Friday, December 15th and Friday, December 22nd will have their names entered in a drawing. The winner of this drawing will receive a Pinch bag and an extra contest entry. You can use this free entry on yourself, or gift it to someone else!

Keep checking back with The Spark for more news and giveaways. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Dramatically yours,
The Online Team 



Announcing our Judges for the 2018 Pinch Literary Awards

Beloved readers,

In just a few days, The Pinch will be accepting submissions to our 2018 Literary Awards. Winners in each genre will receive $1000 and publication in The Pinch. Finalists will also have the chance to have their work read by our esteemed judges: 

Fiction: Carmen Maria Machado

Poetry: Maggie Smith

CNF: Kiese Laymon

For more information, here's a link to our past contest winners. Submissions open December 15th and stay open until March 15th. Keep an eye out this Monday for a special announcement!  

Dramatically yours,
The Online Team

Congratulations to Our Pushcart Nominees

The Pinch is excited to announce our nominees for the 2018 Pushcart Prize. Thanks to all our contributors for such great Fiction, CNF, and Poetry!


Erika Goodrich for "Aperture" (37.1)

Xandria Phillips for "Beached Shark as a Black Woman Swimming in the Atlantic" (37.2)


Eric Severn for "Jocasta" (37.1)

Sam Martone for "The Alchemist's Teeth" (37.2)


Brenna Womer for "Pet Euthanasia Consent Form" (37.1)

Amber Taliancich Allen for "Man & Moon" (37.2)


Meet Haley Quinton

Beloved readers, 

In celebration of our recent Pinch party, we decided to sit down with our fabulous Marketing Manager, Haley Quinton, to learn more about her time with The Pinch, her writing, and her fox-dog, Ziva.  

Q: Let's start out with the question on everyone's minds: we've seen a few photos of your (adorable) dog. Tell us about her! 

Haley and her fox-dog, Ziva.

Haley and her fox-dog, Ziva.

A: Her name is Ziva, and she’s five years old. I got her from a rescue in Memphis a little over a year ago. She’s 22 pounds and very fluffy, and not very intimidating, no matter how hard she tries to be. She’s my little fox. Actually, she’s a Pomeranian/shetland sheepdog (probably) but I like to pretend.  

Q: Speaking of pretending, here's another important one: you can be any magical/mythical creature. What are you, and why? 

A: A witch, because then I could set a spell on my apartment so that it will always be clean. 

Q: Smart-thinking. One of the many reasons you're our Marketing Manager! Can you tell us what a Marketing Managing does? And how do you define "pinchy"? 

A: As Marketing Manager, I focus on “the brand” of The Pinch itself. I mainly focus on online marketing, so I run the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. I try to get the word out about The Pinch in order to both increase submissions and garner interest in the journal. I think The Pinch is pretty great, and I love getting other people to see this, too! 

I think of pinchyness much in the same way as I think about Memphis as a city. Pinchyness pushes against convention, but isn’t unconventional just for the sake of being unconventional. It may appear to be traditional, or it may not, but it always subverts expectations. It’s inclusive, it’s diverse, and it’s just a little bit weird. 

Q: What's your favorite memory of working for The Pinch? 

A: I love working The Pinch booth at conferences like AWP and Southern Festival of Books. It’s so great to be able to introduce people to the journal. I love when someone buys the journal on our recommendation because I know there’s a lot of great stuff in there, and I know reading it is going to make people happy and provide entertainment. 

Q: Since you mentioned it, what's the perfect place to sit back and read? 

A: Outside next to a body of water, but only when the temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees. And there should be a breeze, but light enough so that it doesn’t blow the pages. Barring that, a coffee shop, or an armchair by the fire, or a back porch at nighttime. 

Q: Are you working on any writing yourself? 

A: I’m currently working on interconnected short stories about a group of kids who live in the South. The kids are all related to one another, and their family is pretty eccentric, so it’s been a lot of fun to write. I’ve also started dabbling in some creative nonfiction, which is different, but can be interesting. 

7. Ok, I have to bring up your dog again. Can you give us another photo?

Pinch Party 37.2

Thanks to all who were able to make it to our Pinch Release Party last Friday! Awesome punch, awesome readers, awesome time. 


Workplace Piece Week

Beloved readers of The Pinch,

This week, we have quite the duo for you! In honor of our upcoming Pinch 37.2 release party, we're celebrating with our workplace piece week. 

First, check back Wednesday for the collaborative essay, "Talk Academic to Me: An Essay in Subtexts," written by Julie Marie Wade and Denise Duhamel. Then on Friday the 27th, take a look at Daniel Paul's "Oral History of the Coffee Spill in the Break Room Last Tuesday" (and be on the lookout for his upcoming audio version!).

If you haven't already, click here for the latest issue of The Pinch, and snag yourself a limited edition PDF of issue 36.1 by Halloween (how scary would it be to miss out?).

Dramatically yours,
The Online Team


In Memory of Lynn Conlee

Earlier last week, Lynn Conlee, a former contributor and member of the UofM MFA community, passed away unexpectedly. Lynn was a huge influence in the writing community, and we're deeply saddened by her loss.

Her poem, Notes in a Lunchbox, was published in The Pinch in 2008. We have a limited amount of this issue, and we plan to keep it close to our hearts.

Scan 2017-10-12 10.55.43.jpg

Happy Friday the 13th!

Beloved Readers,

Here's a look at what's new with The Pinch this week. We're still reading through your submissions, planning more fun things for the website, and making sure everyone knows about our awesome ME

Thanks to our participants in the Flash Fiction Challenge! Here's a shoutout to two stellar tweets from Elizabeth Moura and Chris Tepedino: 

Elizabeth Moura‏ @brevity555  
She belittled people who suffered from paraskevidekatriaphobia and then she ended up in the morgue on Friday the 13th.

Chris Tepedino‏ @ctepster
Bang. Bang. “Step on a crack…” A scream. “Break your mother’s back.” A splintering crack. Maniacal laughter. “Next time...”

And don't forget about issue  37.2!

And don't forget about issue 37.2!

Keep checking back for other contests like this, as well as news about PDFs, past contributors, and, of course, our newest publications

Dramatically yours,
The Online Team