Happy Friday the 13th!

Beloved Readers,

Here's a look at what's new with The Pinch this week. We're still reading through your submissions, planning more fun things for the website, and making sure everyone knows about our awesome ME

Thanks to our participants in the Flash Fiction Challenge! Here's a shoutout to two stellar tweets from Elizabeth Moura and Chris Tepedino: 

Elizabeth Moura‏ @brevity555  
She belittled people who suffered from paraskevidekatriaphobia and then she ended up in the morgue on Friday the 13th.

Chris Tepedino‏ @ctepster
Bang. Bang. “Step on a crack…” A scream. “Break your mother’s back.” A splintering crack. Maniacal laughter. “Next time...”

And don't forget about issue  37.2!

And don't forget about issue 37.2!

Keep checking back for other contests like this, as well as news about PDFs, past contributors, and, of course, our newest publications

Dramatically yours,
The Online Team