Meet Haley Quinton

Beloved readers, 

In celebration of our recent Pinch party, we decided to sit down with our fabulous Marketing Manager, Haley Quinton, to learn more about her time with The Pinch, her writing, and her fox-dog, Ziva.  

Q: Let's start out with the question on everyone's minds: we've seen a few photos of your (adorable) dog. Tell us about her! 

Haley and her fox-dog, Ziva.

Haley and her fox-dog, Ziva.

A: Her name is Ziva, and she’s five years old. I got her from a rescue in Memphis a little over a year ago. She’s 22 pounds and very fluffy, and not very intimidating, no matter how hard she tries to be. She’s my little fox. Actually, she’s a Pomeranian/shetland sheepdog (probably) but I like to pretend.  

Q: Speaking of pretending, here's another important one: you can be any magical/mythical creature. What are you, and why? 

A: A witch, because then I could set a spell on my apartment so that it will always be clean. 

Q: Smart-thinking. One of the many reasons you're our Marketing Manager! Can you tell us what a Marketing Managing does? And how do you define "pinchy"? 

A: As Marketing Manager, I focus on “the brand” of The Pinch itself. I mainly focus on online marketing, so I run the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. I try to get the word out about The Pinch in order to both increase submissions and garner interest in the journal. I think The Pinch is pretty great, and I love getting other people to see this, too! 

I think of pinchyness much in the same way as I think about Memphis as a city. Pinchyness pushes against convention, but isn’t unconventional just for the sake of being unconventional. It may appear to be traditional, or it may not, but it always subverts expectations. It’s inclusive, it’s diverse, and it’s just a little bit weird. 

Q: What's your favorite memory of working for The Pinch? 

A: I love working The Pinch booth at conferences like AWP and Southern Festival of Books. It’s so great to be able to introduce people to the journal. I love when someone buys the journal on our recommendation because I know there’s a lot of great stuff in there, and I know reading it is going to make people happy and provide entertainment. 

Q: Since you mentioned it, what's the perfect place to sit back and read? 

A: Outside next to a body of water, but only when the temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees. And there should be a breeze, but light enough so that it doesn’t blow the pages. Barring that, a coffee shop, or an armchair by the fire, or a back porch at nighttime. 

Q: Are you working on any writing yourself? 

A: I’m currently working on interconnected short stories about a group of kids who live in the South. The kids are all related to one another, and their family is pretty eccentric, so it’s been a lot of fun to write. I’ve also started dabbling in some creative nonfiction, which is different, but can be interesting. 

7. Ok, I have to bring up your dog again. Can you give us another photo?